• Your Arrival
  • Your Departure


Your Arrival   

Please do not arrive any earlier than 2:00 pm on your selected arrival date.


On Entry

  • In you confirmation email, you will be informed with the lockbox location and combination of the main keys for entry.
  • Once these keys have been obtained to allow entry of the units, please obtain the rental key(s) hanging on the coat and hat rack behind the front door for use.
  • Please return the main condo keys back to the lockbox once the rental keys have been obtained.


Parking Pass

On your arrival, please first obtain the Car Parking Pass magnetized to the front door and hang this on your car's rear-view mirror for your car's parking safety at the Diplomat parking lot.

This may be display in a visible area on your car's front dashboard if you are unable to hang it on your rear-view mirror.

Failure to have Parking Pass displayed on your car may lead to fines and/or towing implemented by the association board.



Please sign and date the "Rules and Regulations of the Diplomat Condo Association Pool" document located in the white binder on top of the refrigerator as required be the condo association.

This form will only need to be signed once for the season and will be collected from the folder weekly for user's privacy.


Multipurpose Room

  • The first room entered when entering the unit. 
  • Room can be used for a living room, a dining area, and as a second bedroom.
  • Bed Pillows for the sofa sleeper can be found in the cabinet above the refrigerator.
  • Bedsheets for the sofa sleeper can be found in the bin on the bottom shelf of the TV stand.

Please Note:  This sofa sleeper was listed as being a full-size sofa sleeper, the size of the two beds in the main room.  The sofa sleeper is actually a slightly larger than the other two beds full-size beds in the unit.  Queen size bedsheets are needed to dress the sofa sleeper for use because full-sized bedsheets do not fit properly on it, or not at all. 

Please only use bedsheets found in the rooms to dress the beds which are located in that room. 

Please do not transfer available bedsheets between the two rooms.



There is no AC in this area.  The dehumidifier will help to cut down high humidity levels that occur, especially during July and August.  Allowing the dehumidifier to run during your stay will make this room more comfortable/bearable to reside in as it reduces the humidity levels in the unit.

The dehumidifier will produce a little heat on its own while running, but the tradeoff between the heat it produces verse the lower humidity level is worth its while to run.

It is recommended to keep the dehumidifier on during your stay. 


Suggested Unit Setup

(During the extreme hot and humid days.)

Turn on the AC to High in the main bedroom to high.

Leave bedroom door opened and keep the dehumidifier running. 

The whole unit may still be somewhat hot inside, but the heat will be more of a dry heat.

This will make the whole unit pleasant to reside inside as compared to the outside weather.

 * Please remember to empty dehumidifier during your stay and before you end your stay.


Main Bedroom

  • Select available bedsheets and dress them to your comfort. 
  • Clean bedsheets will be located in bins underneath the beds.
  • If only one bed is being used in this room, and the desire to have the opposite bed dress during your stay for visual comfort appeal,
  • please only use a top bedsheet to dress/cover the opposite bed and pillows.
  • Please foldup this sheet up and place it back into bin again prior to your stay for next occupant.



  • Bath and Hand Towels are found under the vanity.
  • Hand Rags are found in the lower two drawers on the right-hand side of the vanity.
  • Bath rug is located in the lower middle drawer in the vanity.
  • The upper two drawers on the right side of the vanity is empty for your individual use.

A few things may still be available in the upper drawer for use. These may include band aids, Q-tips, fingernail clippers, nail file, string dental flows, body lotion.



  • Trash Can and Recyclable Bin are below the sink.
  • Drinking Water located under the stove top and  may be found in refrigerator as well.

Please  Avoid  Drinking,  Cooking,  and/or  Making Ice Cubes  with the water out of the faucet.

There will be every attempt to keep water stocked for your water consummation needs.

Fauset water used for other uses is fine.

  • Extra Paper Towel Rolls and Facial Tissues are located in the cabinet above the microwave.
  • There is a slow cooker as well as extra pots and pans in the cabinet below the stove.
  • Trash bags may be found in the in the middle drawer of the kitchenet.
  • The bottom drawer will be reserved as an office supply area used for the rental use.


Your Departure

Please do not leave past 1:00 pm on the day of your departure date,

(With the exception of Sundays for those who have booked their stay in August prior to July 18.)


There is no maid service provided with this condo unit.  You must provide basic cleaning and straightening services that are needed for this unit.  Providing these basic services helps to keep the running cost of the unit down.  Please follow these basic cleaning and straightening services before you leave the unit to complete your stay.

A more thorough cleaning task will be performed on the unit on Sunday evening/night by owner.


  • Except for the white, plastic patio furniture (1 table, 2 chairs), all other items on the patio must be brought inside the unit.
  • Remove linen from the beds and place them in the linen bin in the closet of main bedroom.
  • Wash and dry all used dishes and place them back in the drawers and cabinets where they belong.
  • Wipe down Kitchenette surfaces.  Use sanitary towels located in the cabinet below the stove.
  • Rise down bath tube wall tiles and bath tube.  The flexible shower head in the shower can be used for this task. 
  • Wipe down bath sink countertop.  Wipe down toilet surfaces.  Use sanitary towels.
  • Sweep up any visible dirt, sand, and/or debris off of the floor.
  • Empty the dehumidifier.
  • Return keys to the coat and hat rack at the door.   Number of keys:  __3___